January 23, 2012

From the heart of Heart

Like caressing tides in a stream,
You sweep across my heart
Gently and I never get hurt:
You’ve been my perennial dream

You and I are a team
And while I press you closer, tight,
Our future I visualise bright
As a beacon’s beam

You are a gentle interruption to my thoughts
Conjuring smiles upon my weary face
Upon memories of how you embrace!
And I give my heart to you without doubts.

Since in love there be fangs,
Let’s to the envious turn a deaf ear
Let’s to their provocations not hear
And keep under control, both our tongues

Does man out of love cry?
My emotions I can neither suffocate
Nor with anyone else reciprocate
For with you, can I ever be shy!

See how from my heart I smile for you!
And when with my hands you I lift,
From God to me, you’re a gift!
For to re-affirm my affection: it’s true.

© Daniel Omaya

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Big Omaya am happy to see u this far may God be with you all the way to the top